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Cold But Warm by Hillbillygirl Cold But Warm by Hillbillygirl
Created with Bryce 7.1.

Working on bryce and still have a ways to go learning how to create a glass looking design around objects. Will still keep trying though.

Hope you aren't too disappointed. :hug:
MDGallery Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I love your Bryce works! Sorry for late raction, Ive been in the hospital a little while, don't worry it was stressful but everything is good and Im recovering very quick! Hope you're doing fine my friend and I hope these winterdays will bring you warmth and joy :) xxx
Hillbillygirl Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Thank you so very much my dear friend! :iconhug1plz:
I was getting bored with Apophysis and discovered Bryce. I started playing with it and found it so much fun! I am still learning the program.
If you like mine, you must go to :iconchrisntheboat:'s gallery and have a look around. He is so amazing!!!! It was his work that got me started. I owe this side of my art to him. He is a dear friend and teacher. I have learned a lot through him.
Don't worry about late responses. Your health is more important!!!!
I am so very happy to hear that you are doing better and recovering quickly!!
I too have not been on DA that much until lately. I have had some health issues and trying to seal the basement with a sealer!! I thought oh well, it will be easy. Let me tell you, IT ISN'T!!! It is a time consuming job and has to be done by hand for the first two coats to make sure all the little holes and cracks in the blocks and morter are filled. Then if I have to put a third coat on, I should be able to roll it on with a roller. Another part that makes it hard is that the block walls have to be 60 degrees or warmer for it to seal. We have had a some cold days or rain and that has slowed me down. But, oh well, I'll get it done soon I hope.
Main thing for you to do right now is get better!!! You take it easy and let yourself heal. I'll be right here.
You are in my prayers. :iconhug1plz
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