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Mandala drawing 38 by Mandala-Jim

I have never written a critique before and hope that I will do this correctly. This is beautiful piece. When I look at this piece, I fe...


Secret Dream

The night is bright under the silvery beams of the moon.
The forest ablaze with the music of the night.
The stars twinkle in perfect beat with nature.
The grass like velvet under her feet.

She stands, her posture perfect.
Her costume a pale mixture of gold and silver shafon.
Small stones of amethus, peridot, and garnet glimmer.
The material flows majestically in the nights living breath.

Her arms extended in an perfect arch, she began to move.
Her movements flowing together in an angelic fashion.
Around she twirls and she reaches for the sky
Her body strong and yet fragile.

Her dance, it tells a story only she can know.
Her face, its expression filled with a hidden passion.
Lost in her dream, feeling alive for this one brief hour, she dances.
Times cones to an end, she sits and bows her head, tucking away her dream once again.

Written By: Penny B. McDonald
                 December 11, 2014


United States

Hello to all my dear friends.  :iconhug1plz:

I want to THANK YOU, Chris, Ken, Jamie, Barb, steppland, IrrevocableFate, Pops, JefferattaLyn, Animalgirl, and Que-ink for your prayers and support in time that I needed it most.  It meant so very much to me.  Words cannot express just how much it meant!  In my time of darkness, you brought so much hope and light and comfort!!  It was so very precious to me!  It help ease the fear that I carried in those days.  :hug:

I am so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive friends.  Know that you are a treasure to me.  One that I hold dear.  :iconhug1plz:

I want to share with you that my Mommy is doing so much better than she was a few days ago.  So far her heart medications is working, the pnewmonia getting better and the virus almost gone.  She is eating a little now and moving around some.   She is still weak but getting stronger.  She is going to doctors today for recheck.

Dear friends,  Sorry for not answering each message individual right now, but have a lot on my plate and am just stopping by to update and say thank you.  Getting ready to clean up truck to sell and go through some other things.  I hope to be on here later this evening to try and do some catch up.  Hope to see you on.

Again, thank you all so very much.  LOVE AND HUGS to you all.



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